Do You Ball?

If you don’t ball, you will after this weekend.

Join 15 other domain name investors for a weekend of pickleball, networking and bonfires on the beach of Bainbridge Island — the birthplace of pickleball.

Photo by Kimson Doan

Fly in Friday. Pickleball Saturday and Sunday. Fly out Monday.

In between balling: meet and network with successful domain name investors making real profit.

Share processes, secrets, tips.

Get the inside story on how so many people are making a killing in domain names.

Will I learn to ball?


A professional pickleball coach will be on staff to teach fundamentals, level-up your game, and polish your game so you can beat any senior citizen that re-stripes your local tennis court.

The weekend will culminate in a pickleball tournament, professionally refereed, on the finest court Bainbridge Island offers.

Two players will reign supreme and walk away with champion trophies.

Trophy by TrophyDepot (not actual trophy)
Pickleball Court on Bainbridge Island

But will my soul be changed?


In addition to meeting new people and growing your network, you will be part of an exclusive group that makes pilgrimage to the holy land:

The first pickleball court ever.

Become one with the founders’ spirits.

Meditate to find your zen on this sacred ground.

Take selfies and become a part of history.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to upgrade your investing skills and potentially change your life.

Am I overselling here or what?

Maybe I’ll just mention evening campfire s’mores and call it done.

If you want in, fill out the interest form below.

Smores and Pickleball
Photo by Jessica Ruscello


No, we’re not joking. And don’t call me Shirley.

Where ya been? Even ESPN covers it. 

Did you hear that Gary V bought a pickleball team? You know that Gary V knows how to spot trends.

Not sure yet.

Maybe next summer or autumn.

Or never if we don’t have enough interest. We’re testing out the waters here.

We were thinking about $1,500 per person for an all-inclusive weekend.

But not many people were interested so we’re killing the idea.

New idea TBD.

Most likely.

Well, actually, it’ll probably be fine.

Networking and camaraderie will be aplenty.

And if you hate pickleball you can go boating, fishing, kayaking or SUPing to fill in the gaps.

Not unless you both want to.

Accommodations will vary based on your budget, ranging from a sleeping bag on the floor to your own private hotel room.

Beans for you all weekend.

No, wait a second. That might backfire.

Don’t worry, we’ll keep you well fed and property hydrated all weekend.

Coffee, bagels and donuts instead of Wheaties for breakfast, catered lunches and dinners by local restaurants.

Sure. But only to the post-tournament dinner.

We want this weekend to be focused on investor-to-investor networking, shop-talk, and other “boring” things investors like us appreciate.

But prior to the weekend or post weekend, you can spend some quality time in Seattle, seeing the sights, or hiking the beautiful Olympic National Park.


I suggest you start sweet-talking your CPA now to see what’s necessary to make that happen.

Sorry, no can do.

We’re hiring coaches, booking rooms, scheduling catering, etc.

Be content in the fact that you’re bringing joy to everyone else.

This is a killer weekend.

Everything is planned out for you.

You just show up and enjoy.

The organizer isn’t making anything on this weekend.

Any remaining funds will be redistributed back to attendees.

Show Your Interest


Fill out the form.

We’ll keep you posted if something comes together.